Friday, July 20, 2007

caw caw caw

Caw caw caw crows shriek in the white sun over grave stones
          in Long Island
Lord Lord Lord Naomi underneath this grass my halflife and
          my own as hers
caw caw my eye be buried in the same Ground where I stand
          in Angel
Lord Lord great Eye that stares on All and moves in a black
caw caw strange cry of Beings flung up into sky over the waving
Lord Lord O Grinder of giant Beyonds my voice in a boundless
          field in Sheol
Caw caw the call of Time rent out of foot and wing an instant
          in the universe
Lord Lord an echo in the sky the wind through ragged leaves
          the roar of memory
caw caw all years my birth a dream caw caw New York the bus
          the broken shoe the vast highschool caw caw all Visions
          of the Lord
Lord Lord Lord caw caw caw Lord Lord Lord caw caw caw

--Allen Ginsberg, KADDISH V
NY 1959

Monday, July 16, 2007

the return

See, they return; ah, see the tentative
Movements, and the slow feet,
The trouble in the pace and the uncertain

See, they return, one, and by one,
With fear, as half-awakened;
As if the snow should hesitate
And murmur in the wind,
and half turn back;

These were the "Wing'd-with-Awe,"
Inviolable. Gods of the wingèd shoe!
With them the silver hounds,
sniffing the trace of air!

[(from "The Return") Personae]Copyright (c) 1926, 1935, 1971 Ezra Pound

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


mennodada scent of manure in Central Park meticulously deposited by skyhorses racing back back to Baden Baden Baden the ancestral farmyard

mennodada an urban phenomenon Zurich 1525-1916 gadji beri bimba glandridilaula lonni schwaermer anabaptists fuck for peace

mennodada the innocent gaze of the mennonite maiden as the tonguetied

hamstruck mennonite youth fumbles with the trappings of her imbroglio

mennodada the hidebound conscience banging on the walls where

neighbors ceaselessly indulge themselves in the arts

mennodada a fleeting impression of wistful yearning after the bygone days

the curse of the manly desire

mennodada a sermon gone wrong baffled by the minotaur no longer caring

beyond misgivings up the chinese channels of her bound feet

mennodada the stately measured rapture of the myrmidons in heat who

perspire as they gyrate to hydrogen jukebox

mennodada is know nothing ramifications the yogi hicks climbing up the

sacred tree of regulations and weeping transgressions blissfully approved

by my naked pleasure do not diminish

--Ross Bender

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Devil's Working Overtime

--Anne Waldman, Alchemical Elegy

[photo by Wanda Monroe, 2002]