Rosannadanna of the Amish


The Japanese Empire, based on the moon, is ruled in name by the Emperor of Japan, but in reality by the Bakuza. The Bakuza, which originated in the ancient Japanese military government, or Bakufu (literally "tent government"), established by the Minamoto family in Kamakura in 1185, and later amalgamated with the more modern Japanese Mafia, or Yakuza, have kept the Emperors as puppets for centuries.

The vehicle of Bakuza domination is "marriage politics", or the strategic marriage of Bakuza daughters to Imperial princes, who are then dominated totally by their mothers-in-law. Great care is taken to delete any female imperial fetuses, so that no candidates of Imperial blood will be available.

The Bakuza maintain their power over the interstellar Japanese Empire by means of gigantic space robots which roam the galaxy running surveillance on subject planets and nipping any potential rebellion in the bud.




Temple of the Benevolent Turtle