El Consulado Cubano en el Filadelfia de Oeste

After the rapture it seemed that the Amish were the only ones left. By AR 174 the other survivors have begun to crawl out from under the rubble and inherit the earth. This is the Cuban Consulate in the Backwoods of West Philadelphia.

Table of Contents

Amish Druid Liberation Front

Rosannadanna of the Amish

In the Cathedral

El compuesto de Consulado Cubano es muy agradable y simptico.

The Cuban people are friends of the Amish, and have pursued many joint ventures in tobacco farming.

La finca de tobaco en el Consulado Cubano

Lush and luxurious tobacco vines drape the walls of the Consulate compound. Over at the Anarchist Cafe, Amish Druids practice mind-ninja groove maneuvers with el Battalon de Che.

Table of Contents
The Bazukufu Consulate in West Philadelphia
The French Consulate in West Philadelphia
Amish Druid Liberation Front
Temple of the Benevolent Turtle
The Gentrification of the Hood
How to Mutate and Take Over the World