Kerry Explains: "I'm Not Inconsistent, Just Nuanced"

Apr 26 2004 by Ross Bender

Potential Presidential candidate John Kerry today sort of retracted previous statements from the 1970s about US atrocities in Vietnam.

"It depends on what your definition of atrocities is," he backpedaled, saying his use of the word might have been inappropriate.

"I mean, if you define 'atrocities' as bayoneting babies and raping all the women, then, yes, possibly American troops committed atrocities in Vietnam. On the other hand, you have to remember that our guys were like way stressed at the time and many of them were smoking LSD and heroin, not that I necessarily have anything against those who chose to take LSD in the service of their country. But the point here, if there indeed is a point, is that we have to take that historical context into account, and of course I support our men and women in Iraq one hundred percent."

When asked by reporters whether he had smoked LSD in Vietnam, Kerry emphasized the distinction between "smoking" and actually inhaling. But he underscored that he was out of the country at the time anyway, and that rumors that Jane Fonda had performed fellatio on him in Hanoi were absolutely untrue. "Jane, or rather Ms. Fonda, was just a good friend, and in fact I only met her once or twice, despite the videotapes."

The Bush Attack Machine (BAM) has repeatedly cited Kerry's "flip-flops" and contrasted his waffling to the President's steady wartime leadership, firm denials he has ever made a mistake, consistent and reliable lack of memory, and willingness to make public his dental records.

At a rally in Pittsburgh, where Kerry appeared with pop singer Jon Bon Jovi, the candidate stated: "Jon Bon Jovi and I have a lot in common. He was one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in People Magazine. I *read* People Magazine! Jon Bon Jovi wears a leather jacket. *I* wear a leather jacket!"

Vice President Cheney was quick to point out that in fact Kerry had *not* been wearing a leather jacket at the time and challenged him to reveal the contents of his closets to the American people.

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