Rosannadanna of the Amish

Although great care has been taken by the Bakuza to delete female Imperial fetuses, finally, due to a conspiracy of the midwives, a princess has secretly been born and has grown to adulthood. Cleverly disguised as an Imperial prince, the Imperial Princess Harokiti has dedicated her life to throwing off the yoke of the Bakuza.

aa! megami-sama

Knowing that the military power of the Bakuza is overwhelming, Harokiti has realized that it can only be overthrown by spiritual means. Studying ancient Shinto lore with the old men who preserve the Imperial traditions, she has discovered an ancient prophecy. "When a prince of the Imperial blood marries and bears a child with a pure Amish/Mennonite virgin, then shall the morning stars shout for joy and the zaibatsu be overthrown."

Princess Harokiti has despatched the Imperial Prince Yobu to the Japanese embassy on earth, instructing him to find a suitable candidate to fulfill the prophecy.

Temple of the Benevolent Turtle
Amos Stoltzfus, Amish Druid