Rosannadanna of the Amish


One night by chance Rosannadanna sits next to Yobu Tsukibashira at the Amish/ Mennonite Game in Madison Square Garden. Through Yobu's shy but persistent attempts to strike up a conversation, she learns that the handsome young man is the charge d'affaires at the Japanese Embassy on 42nd Street.

Wondering why a sophisticated Japanese diplomat would attend the Amish/Mennonite Game, Rosannadanna is astonished to learn that Yobu does in fact have Mennonite ancestors. One of his ancestors was a distinguished poet named Yaguchi.

tenchi muyou

She also learns that the Japanese colony on the moon has several embassies on earth, monitoring societies as diverse as the Ainu in Japan and the 'Kung bushmen in southern Africa, as well as the Amish.

When Rosannadanna undresses at home, she finds to her great surprise that Yobu has inserted a little twist of lavender paper into her cape dress. Blushing to think of his proximity to her maiden bosom, she untwists the paper to read: