DUI Charges: The Degree of Problems

There is no circumstance where driving when you are not sober is acceptable. You are not only putting yourself and your car in danger, but you are also putting other drivers, people, nearby, and public property at risk. This is not a behavior that will be condoned under any situation, and you should not try this regardless of how sure you are or how much “practice” you already have. If you are caught driving when under the influence, depending on how you react, the laws of the state you live in, and whether or not damage and harm were caused, the degree of charges may vary. If you somehow need convincing as to why you don’t want to drunk drive, you can keep on reading below:

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If you are caught in the caught and have DUI charges or any sort of criminal or misdemeanor charge being pressed against you for the first time, and no harm and damage was caused, you might be given a light punishment, and if you have a good lawyer, they can try to get the charge removed from your permanent record.

If you already have a history of felony and misdemeanor charges, you will likely have your license confiscated, and even have a probation period, or mandatory court-appointed sessions for your alcohol or substance use. If there are additional charges on top of the DUI like endangering the public, resisting arrest, causing unrest, damage to public property, reckless driving, and so on, then you can end up with either probation, community service, and even a jail sentence. Again, the severity of the punishment depends on your previous record, the degree of charges being pressed against you, and the general laws and regulations of the state you are being indicted in, so you want to be careful.

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