How Do Lawyers Write Their Name?

One thing that sets the more successful people in society apart from the less successful ones is the manner in which they might end up writing their name once all has been said and is now out of the way. You have likely already seen medical doctors adding the word doctor before their name, and this makes a lot of sense since they likely put an enormous amount of effort into their work and they need to be addressed in a way that is reflective of that.

lawyer salary by stateHowever, did you know that the folks that work at CES Law also have a specific way in which they can write their names? Some lawyers just use Mr., Mrs., or Ms, but there are quite a few that would prefer to write the letters Esq after their names. The reason behind this is that this helps people to identify them as who they truly are and it also helps them enjoy some of the prestige that they would have ideally prefer after having won so many cases and winning the respect of various other members of the legal profession.

Esq basically stands for Esquire, and using it after your name can make it easier for people to know what you are really about than might have been the case otherwise. If you find someone who writes Esq. after their name, suffice it to say that they would be more than capable of dealing with any and all legal troubles that you might be going through at that precise moment in the timeline. Things like this matter because the way we write our names play a role in how people end up perceiving us.

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