How Much Does SEO Cost

Whenever people reach the age of retirement, they would adopt one of two possible mindsets. The first of these mindsets is that they would simply stop doing anything strenuous and instead live out the rest of their days in the lap of luxury. Suffice it to say that this would be anathema to those that are of the second mindset, since they are of the opinion that they should stay productive until the day they die. This should never result in your working a day job until your life expires, though, because of the fact that there are much better things that you can do once you can legally retire and accept social security payments from the government.

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Perhaps the most fruitful way for you to live out your golden years would be to start a small business such as a knitting or crochet store on Etsy due to the reason that this can keep your hands busy without adding too much stress to your daily routine. You don’t necessarily have to market this small scale enterprise aggressively, but getting some help from might still be useful since it can prevent you from suffering a loss.

This would lead you to wonder how much SEO might cost, and this is a sliding scale that really depends on your requirements. Since you only have a tiny business that is more of a hobby, you can spend a few hundred dollars a month to fulfill your needs. However, major businesses usually spend at least two thousand dollars a month on SEO, and it’s not uncommon for them to spend tens of thousands of dollars on it either to keep themselves competitive.

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