How to Clean Coffee Maker Without Vinegar

Cleaning out your coffee maker is the sort of thing that you should definitely end up doing at least once a month if not more often.

clean-coffee-makerThe reason behind this is that coffee makers can start to accumulate a buildup of minerals over time, and this is not something that you can avoid unless you use purely distilled water that was purified through a process of reverse osmosis and the like. Most people have water that has at least some minerals in it, and suffice it to say that these minerals can start to impact the flavor of your coffee in a way that just wouldn’t be all that acceptable to you at all.

One of the most widespread ways for people to clean their coffee makers involves the use of vinegar, but there are many that feel that this is not all that efficient at all due to the reason that it can leave behind a vinegar like taste. This taste can make your coffee taste quite different than might have been the case otherwise, so you might need to check out an alternative cleaning method once all has been said and is now out of the way.

If you don’t want to use vinegar, a combination of water and hydrogen peroxide can also end up doing the trick. Make sure that the solution you are adding includes one part peroxide and two parts water. Adding too much of the former can damage your coffee machine, so try to be extremely careful lest you end up damaging the only thing that helps you wake up in the morning and get started with the long day ahead of you.

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