What Happens During a Diabetic Eye Exam?

Diabetes is one of those things that people can’t really prevent if both of their parents had it. Exercising and maintaining a really wonderful diet can certainly prevent the onset of this ailment, but sooner or later your pancreas would stop being able to churn out adequate amounts of insulin to modulate your blood sugar levels thereby increasing the risk of you becoming either hypo or hyperglycemic without a shadow of a doubt. A lot of emphasis is placed on this aspect of diabetes, but there are plenty of other problems it can cause down the line as well.

eye care tipsOne such issue is that your eyesight would begin to lose a huge chunk of its clarity, and as a result of the fact that this is the case you should include an eye test in the various diabetic exams that you are thinking of taking part in. An eye exam done for people with diabetes is not the same as one that is done just to tell you what your eye glass prescription is. In a diabetic eye exam, your eye will be injected with a fluid that will outline the veins inside of it.

The fluid consists of a fluorescent dye that glows yellow under the right conditions. After injecting your eye with this substance, your doctor will take a picture of it so that they can analyze it. They will also want to check your eyes for other things that diabetics are prone to such as glaucoma and cataracts. Being proactive about your health can really help you to keep the negative aspects of diabetes at bay and live a healthier life for the most part.

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