What is Trending in Bathroom Design?

Everything changes really quickly these days, especially when it comes to how people prefer to design the spaces that they spend the majority of their lives in. Bathrooms used to be markedly different from how we tend to want them to look in our modern society, but you might fail to realize the scale at which these design trends might change at the end of the day. A design that seemed really appealing in the early 2000s would likely seem extremely dated and old fashioned now that we are in the 20s, so suffice it to say that you should stay up to date with the latest trends unless you want people to think that you are out of touch.

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There are several trends emerging, many of which might not be in line with your vision for how you want your bathroom to look. ThinkDzine are bathroom designers in Sydney that like to keep it simple due to the reason that they know just how quickly a fad can go out of fashion, so they usually stick to modern design elements that involve varying forms of concealment.

This preference for concealment impacts two main areas of your bathroom, namely the lighting and storage spaces. Concealed lighting creates a softer and more classy look for your toilet, and concealed storage spaces increase the minimalist vibe by giving your bathroom cleaner lines with no objects jutting out of the walls. The great thing is that you still have a lot of storage space, it’s just that it is contained within the walls instead of being immediately visible to you. That makes this trend both practical as well as aesthetically superior to others.

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